The HQ have lost contact with one of our lab in 3 days.

Now, you play as Agent Ling to investigate what's going on there and to make sure our experiment go as planed.

Weapon system:  Agent Ling has 2 weapons. M1911 AND M4A1.

    Use number key "1" and "2" or mouse scroll wheel to switch your weapons'

     Pick up ammo if you can find any.

Agent Ling also has a  power consuming flashlight so remember to pick up the batteries on your way otherwise the flashlight won't last long.

We don't have enough info about the lab now so stay on high altert

Good Luck and be safe

[Update: The game currently has no ending, it serves as a demo. A better version is under development now. see y'll soon , Yeehaw]

StatusIn development
Made withUnity


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hehehe, nice, looks like great minds think alike


Thank you very much for your feed back and upload a great game play video. Good FPS skill and I shall update my game ending.                         -----Developer LING